Pesky Little Pests! Stop A Termite Infestation Before It Starts With These Simple Methods

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Pesky Little Pests! Stop A Termite Infestation Before It Starts With These Simple Methods

22 December 2015
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Termites play an essential role in the environment; however, once they begin attacking your home, they are more of a hindrance that anything else, doing damage that equals thousands of dollars. Termites generally attack areas that are dark and damp or areas with a substantial amount of old wood. Instead of worrying about a termite infestation after it happens, guard your home from these insects now. Below is a list of the most effective and safe termite control methods to use in order to protect your home and its foundation from being eaten alive by the pesky pests.

Bring On The Light

Termites love to feed in areas that are dark because of how sensitive they are to the light. The heat from the sunlight can actually cause the termites to die off when exposed, so they tend to stay away from the light at all costs. Expose dark areas of your home and property to as much sunlight as possible.

This trick also works with wood furniture. If the wood furniture in your home has already been overrun by termites, you can place it outside in direct sunlight when temperatures have hit their peak. This will cause them to die from exposure.

Dry Up The Wet Spots

One of a termite's favorite things is a nice damp area of wood to feast on. Your home gets more and more susceptible to termite damage the longer moisture in the walls or on the ceiling goes without treatment. Examine the outside of your home to ensure there are no areas where water is building up. Look for leaks anywhere in pipes or in hose nozzles. When you have completed this, look inside your home to see if there are any areas that need to be repaired because of water damage. If there are, you will need to repair them as soon as possible.

Essential Oil Treatments

Natural and essential oils are very helpful for an array of tasks around the house. A few can also be used to ward off annoying termites. For instance, orange oil has an effective agent called limonene. This compound not only kills termites upon contact, but if you spray before there is a problem, it will keep the termites away. Termites hate the smell of this compound and won't dare go near it.

Another essential oil treatment you can use is neem oil. This oil comes from Asia and is used for killing off all sorts of unwanted bugs. It is also used to keep them at bay. Neem oil has to be ingested in order to work however, so one application isn't going to cut it. Spray the neem oil in the cracks of your home and the home's foundation for the desired effect.

Termites are small in stature but will cause a ton of money in damages to your home and its foundation. Do not wait to protect your home until you are already infested. Using one of the simple methods above will not only protect you from the infestation of termites, but will also save you thousands of dollars.