Pest-Free Grilling: 3 Tips To Keep Bugs Away While Cooking Outdoors

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Pest-Free Grilling: 3 Tips To Keep Bugs Away While Cooking Outdoors

29 March 2016
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Grilling is a wondrous experience: mouth-watering food sizzling on the barbie, white clouds floating gently across the vast blue sky, and a barrage of flies and other insects doing their best to annoy everyone. Grilling outdoors is more adventurous than cooking indoors, and it's also an opportunity for pests to earn their bad reputation. Fortunately, the three tips below will help you keep the bugs at bay so you can grill in peace!

1. Keep Flies Away With Bait Traps

Swatting flies every few minutes is an exercise in frustration, and it's not exactly sanitary to splatter flies all over the food containers, benches, and cooking surfaces that the unhygienic insects frequently land on. Fortunately, fly bait stations are readily available and effective. These traps are filled with food that attracts flies. And once the flies enter the containers, they can't get out.

Hang bait traps in the area surrounding your grill. Then watch happily as the flies get stuck in the traps instead of your food.

2. Keep Mosquitoes Away With Citronella Candles

Mosquitoes may not be interested in your food, but they are interested in feeding on you.

Spreading several deadly diseases, mosquitoes are more than just a nuisance—they are a potential threat to your health. That being said, deterring mosquitoes is easy with citronella candles.

These candles are created using the oil of citronella, a type of grass that mosquitoes loathe. Use this to your advantage by forming a barrier around your grill with citronella candles. Place them every four feet for optimal coverage. Then those pesky mosquitoes will be forced to find another BBQ to crash.

3. Keep Ants Away With Powdered Charcoal

Now that you've made a barrier to keep mosquitoes away, you'll want to make one for ants, too. This can be done using charcoal. More specifically, powdered charcoal. Yes, you read that correctly. Charcoal is great for grilling food and keeping ants away from that food.

Simply sprinkle powdered charcoal in a line around areas where you don't want ants traveling. Be sure that there are no gaps in the barrier, however, or the ants will find the opening(s) and continue merrily on their journey to your food.

Much like people, many pests love a good barbecue (and who could blame them). So don't hesitate to use the tips above while cooking outdoors—and, if possible, have the area treated by a pest control expert prior to your grilling sessions. To learn more, speak with a business like Pestco Inc.