Learn How A Pest Control Company Can Help You Get Rid Of A Snake In Your Basement

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Learn How A Pest Control Company Can Help You Get Rid Of A Snake In Your Basement

30 March 2016
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When living in the country, there are times when snakes can make it into your home. Snakes often like basements because they are often very cool. Finding a snake in your basement can be a bit startling and scary. If you have found a snake in your basement, call a pest control company right away to have a professional remove it from your basement. The snake could be poisonous and having a professional remove it is the safest option for you. The following guide walks you through what to expect when the pest removal specialist comes to remove the snake.

Find the Snake

The first thing the specialist will do is find the snake that you saw in your basement. You need to provide him or her with a description of the snake so that they know what to look for. Describe the color of the snake, the length, and if you could tell the shape of the snake's head. Snakes with a head that has a triangular shape are often poisonous. Snakes with a rounded head are often not poisonous.

Search for More Snakes

Next, the specialist will search to see if there are any other snakes in the home and if there are any eggs in the space. The search is important because you want to be sure that there are no other snakes left behind when the specialist leaves.

Find the Location Where the Snake Entered the Home

The specialist will then search to try to find where the snake entered into your home. Snakes can typically get into homes through very tiny openings that may not be obvious to someone who is not trained to spot the entrance locations. The specialist will mark the locations so that they can easily be found later on.

Treat the Home to Repel Future Snakes

After all of the snakes have been removed, the specialist can spray a special solution that is designed to repel snakes. The solution will be safe to use around children and pets so that you do not have to worry about anyone being injured if they come into contact with the solution. You may need to have the solution reapplied every year because it may wash away when it rains or absorb into the ground over time.

Once the pest specialist has removed all of the snakes from your home, hire a contractor to seal up the entry point the snakes were using to get into your home. This will prevent future snakes from getting into the house.

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