Biting Back! Three Inexpensive Or Free Tips To Help With A Bed Bug Infestation

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Biting Back! Three Inexpensive Or Free Tips To Help With A Bed Bug Infestation

7 April 2016
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Just when you get warm and cozy in your bed, ready for sleep, the little buggers are wide awake and hungry -- bed bugs are nothing short of a nightmare when they make their way into your home. Not only is it alarming to think that these critters are thirsty for your blood (and feed mostly while you sleep), it is scary to know that bed bugs could possibly be one of the hardest pests to eliminate from your home. Even though it may be difficult, it is possible to at least contain the population and bring down the numbers with a few tricks of the trade.

1. Use isopropyl alcohol to spray your carpet.

Rubbing alcohol, technically called isopropyl alcohol, is a solvent that will supposedly dry out the shells of a bed bug with direct contact, causing them to die in some cases. Therefore, spraying areas where bed bugs may be harder to find with alcohol can help to lessen the population. Make sure you use 91 percent rubbing alcohol, which can be found at just about any drug store. Also, only tackle this in a well-ventilated area, as the odor can be very strong and keep the alcohol away from wooden surfaces where it can be damaging to the finish.

2. Rub down the legs of your bed with vapor rub.

The gooey consistency and strong odor of vapor rub is not a welcome sight to bed bugs. They will have a difficult time dragging their low-profile bodies through the gunk to get up to your mattress. If you have recently swapped mattresses or put on a new protective, zippered mattress cover, the last thing you want is the critters getting back in bed with you, so slather the legs of your bed with a hefty layer of vapor rub.

3. Vacuum, vacuum, and vacuum some more.

No, seriously. If you have a bed bug problem, your vacuum cleaner will be one of the most effective lines of defense. Vacuum your mattress daily, around the baseboards of your floor, your drapes and curtains, cracks in the walls, the inside of your dresser, and even the electric outlets. Bed bugs are so slender bodied that they can fit and hide almost anywhere. Just make sure after each vacuuming session you seal off the bag used or waste caught in the canister in a plastic bag and get rid of it.

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