4 Tips For Keeping Critters Out Of The Attic

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4 Tips For Keeping Critters Out Of The Attic

12 April 2016
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The scamper of squirrel feet or the flutter of bat wings overhead can quickly turn into a homeowner's nightmare. Until you pay someone to trap and remove the pests in your attic, they can make short work of electrical wiring and plumbing, cause structural damage, and quickly breed and leave you with an infestation on your hands. It's best to do what you can to prevent small critters from ever making their way into your attic in the first place. Here are four tips for doing just that:

Inspect the Trees Near Your House

A common way for animals to get from a yard to an attic is to climb a tree and then jump from a high branch to the roof. If you have trees very close to your house, be sure to trim any branches that look like they'd make it easy for an animal to get to your house. You can also purchase metal sheeting at any hardware store and nail it to the bottom of your trees, making it much harder for squirrels and other pests to climb the trees.

Seal Attic Vents

A common entry point for pests is the vents to your attic located on your roof. These may be completely uncovered or covered with old mesh that has become worn and tattered over time. Simply buy fine steel mesh material from a home improvement or hardware store and use it to seal the attic vents. The tiny holes in the mesh will be large enough to allow the vents to still work but too small to allow pests in. Use heavy duty staples and a staple gun to keep the mesh firmly in place.

Patch any Small Holes on Roof

While you are on the roof checking your attic vents, take a look around for any small holes or cracks that a small creature could squeeze into. Use a caulk gun or other patching material to fill in the holes. If there are cracks in the masonry or missing tiles, it's best to call a roofing company to do a more thorough job.

Consider Adding a Light

Some homeowners add a strobe or other bright light to their attic. This way if a small animal does get itself inside, it will be unlikely to stay since the bright light will hurt its eyes and make your attic much less inviting.

By following these tips, you will make it much harder for pests to invade your attic. If you do suspect animals are living in your attic, be sure to call a pest control company like C&C Creature Catchers right away.