Green Methods To Eliminate Termites Without Poisoning Water Tables

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Green Methods To Eliminate Termites Without Poisoning Water Tables

14 April 2016
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When you have an infestation of termites of any kind, the first thing that's going to be in your head is getting rid of them as soon as possible. You may even have dreams of something satisfying to kill them with, like fire or nasty chemicals. However, if you're someone who's eco-conscious, then you're also going to want to think of greener alternatives.


Once you see the signs of a termite attack on your home, including degraded wood, for example, your first thought is often going to be to kill them by any means necessary, but instead, you can have tiny insect friends do it for you. They are called "beneficial nematodes," and they can target termites specifically. These organisms can be washed into areas where termites live.

Then, they will infect the termites and kill many of them including the queen, workers, and soldiers. If enough of the colony is killed off, even if the queen survives the initial infestation, the colony itself can still die. This option is an effective one if you don't know exactly where the colony is, but see some of the openings it makes in your house.

Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen is relatively eco-friendly since you can target it so specifically on termites. The insects tend to be sensitive to this level of cold, so if you can get your hands on some and have the proper equipment to handle it, you can kill big swaths of the insects all at once without risking dumping traditional pesticides such as DDT into the local water table.


The main issue for termites is often finding them, since they can burrow deeply into the wood of your house. That's why it helps to draw them out with baiting, because if you can kill enough of them this way, the colony will die even if you can't find it. You can use safe, eco-friendly bait that's poisonous only to termites. Often, it helps to get professional services, like Kirkland's Pest Control, to do this part because they have the most experience with how to properly distribute the bait in houses.

The domestic instinct is a powerful one in humans, but there's no reason why you can't fulfil both of your objectives when it comes to staying eco-friendly and also removing the termite threat. You'll be happy that you put in the extra effort to get both objectives accomplished and so will the Earth.