Signs You Have a Bee Problem Around Your Home

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Signs You Have a Bee Problem Around Your Home

2 June 2016
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With the alarming decline of the bee population putting putting our planet and plant resources at risk, you likely don't panic when you see a fuzzy bee laden down with pollen buzzing by your house. It's when you see a lot of these creatures and hear their constant buzzing that you may begin to feel alarmed. A bee problem, even though these insects are highly important, is no laughing matter, and can make your home an unpleasant place to be. Beehive removal is best done by an expert to relocate the entire bee population that is terrorizing your property once you realize you have a problem. Here are signs you have a bee infestation at your home.

A surplus of bees in a single area

Often, you don't see a beehive in plain sight like you may with a hornet or wasp nest. You have to look for other signs of a bee infestation instead. One of these signs is a plethora of bees in a certain area of your property, such as near your deck or by your shed. You may not see bees going in and out, but you may notice them lingering at all hours of the day, which can be a sign that a hive is hidden nearby.

Dead bees in or around your home

Finding one or two dead bees around your home is a common thing, finding many of the insects multiple times a day or week is not. Dead bees on your property can be a sign that you have a larger population near you than you thought, and you may need to contact an exterminator to locate and remove the hive for you so you can live comfortably in and outside your home again. If you see more dead bees than usual in your bird bath, around window sills, or even in your home than what you would consider typical, a beehive nearby may be to blame.

While bees are a welcome sight for many people, they can become overwhelming when they build their hives too close to peoples' homes. Likely areas where bees may call home on your property include sheds, roofs, and other dry, closed areas that don't have a lot of human traffic. Just because you can't see a hive, doesn't mean it isn't there, so if you notice a surplus of bees swarming around your home you may have visitors that are unlikely to leave anytime soon. A beehive removal company like ASAP Bee Removal can help relocate a hive for you so you can have your property back.