Pest Control Could Keep Black Bears At Bay

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Pest Control Could Keep Black Bears At Bay

25 January 2017
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Pests bother a lot of people, but not everyone is bothered by their presence to the same degree. Calling in a pest control service to deal with mice or even possums and raccoons is not pressing for everyone. They put the duty of dealing with pests off. After all, these are just small animals. Black bears, however, are not small. The large predators have survived in populated areas in which grizzlies could not. Those properties located in wooded areas with a black bear population must realize these curious and hungry beasts may even try to enter a home; black bears are not shy. While humans won't exactly do much to encourage the presence of bears, all those annoying pests that are not being chased away might be setting up a welcome mat for a 300lb unwanted visitor.

The Bear Buffet

Bears are attracted to a home likely for one main reason. The creatures want to eat. The smell of food is going to draw in any and all beasts from the smallest to the largest. This is why trash and refuse has to be secured. Otherwise, the scent of food will permeate the air and, possibly, attract a wilderness monster. Food secured in bags and trash cans outside may not be secured for long if possums, raccoons, and forest rats go to work on things. Even cleaning up the food the next day won't solve every issue. The scent of human food could remain in the air, creating a virtual buffet invitation for bears. Once the bears end up in the yard, all eyes could be on what's beyond a home's door.

Chasing the Pests

Bears do love to eat plants and fruits, but they positively will eat small mammals. Hungry bears are not going to be as particular with their food choices. In environments in which residential homes are present, the availability of vegetation may be limited, leading to the bears feeding on wildlife. Possums, skunks, and raccoons are wildlife mammals and also a possible meal for a black bear. If a black bear is unwilling to kill one of these creatures, it won't have much trouble eating carrion, an animal that is already dead. So the presence of these pests in or near your home could present the risk of drawing in a black bear. 

The Pest Pros

Eliminating the entire presence of unwanted creatures may be tough in a rural area, but doing something is better than nothing. Repellents and traps could be used to cut down on the animal population. Doing so may cut down on unwanted visits from black bears.

For more information and assistance with getting rid of smaller pests to prevent attracting black bears, contact a professional pest control company in your area.