Three Of The Worst Commercial Pests, What Draws Them, And How To Destroy Them

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Three Of The Worst Commercial Pests, What Draws Them, And How To Destroy Them

3 October 2018
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Where humans are, there are pests. There are commercial and retail businesses that have to deal with pests every day, too. Three pests in particular are the worst ones to have to deal with, and they almost always keep coming back. Here is more about these three common pests, what draws them, and how to eradicate them for good.


For all of the pesky trouble rats bring, you almost have to respect their boldness. They are not that afraid of people, rarely afraid of dogs or cats, and they will eat practically anything they can find and chew into. Rats are a major problem for restaurants, warehouses, and back-of-house locations for all stores that ship food and sweets to their stores. Live traps help, but rats are also pretty smart. Lethal bait is best if you are going to eliminate your rat problem. 


Following on the heels of the rats come the cockroaches. They are equally as hardy as the rats, although they are not so well-equipped enough to chew holes through hard containers to get to food. That is why if you have a rat problem, you want to eliminate the rats or succumb to the cockroaches that will follow the rats to get to the food that rats expose through chewing. Your dumpsters out back of your establishment will be loaded with rats and cockroaches, so do your best to put them the greatest distance from the back door of your restaurant or warehouse. Then have your dumpsters sprayed with poisons and replaced weekly to be cleaned. It is more expensive, but it beats having a cockroach scuttle under the back door and through the kitchen. 


Just when you thought that your hotel was safe from rats and cockroaches (which it is not, no matter how nice of a hotel you have), in walk the bedbugs. They come with tourists who carry them on their persons, in their clothes and suitcases, and anywhere else a bedbug can hide. Then they settle into unprotected mattresses, carpeting, mattress pads, floorboards, mop boards, etc. Now any other guest that stays in that same room is going to be eaten alive by the bedbug infestation you did not intend to have. Spraying for the bugs and encasing your box springs and mattresses in anti-bedbug covers is a step in the right direction. Have commercial pest control come out regularly to deal with these pests.