Is That Old Shed Out Back A Rat's Nest? 3 Tips To Turn It Into A Playhouse Fit For A Princess

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Is That Old Shed Out Back A Rat's Nest? 3 Tips To Turn It Into A Playhouse Fit For A Princess

24 January 2019
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That old shed out back makes you wish that you had a magic wand to wave to transform it into a beautiful building. While you might not have the ability to turn an old wooden building into a castle, you can easily turn it into a playhouse that is safe and exciting for your child to enjoy during their outside play. As you prep for your latest project, you can use these tips to transform that old shed into a magical wonderland that inspires your child's imagination.

Get the Critters Out

Princesses may love their woodland friends in fairy tales; however, you know that your child can not simply be exposed to the hazards posed by mice and other critters. Unfortunately, older, wooden sheds are common places to find pests such as rats, termites, and spiders. Start by having the shed thoroughly inspected by an exterminator to identify any areas that need treatment. This way, you can rest assured that your child can place in peace and safety.

Make It Like a Real House

After services such as termite extermination, you may need to plan to repair and replace a few parts of the shed. For instance, a rotten door that has been invaded by termites needs to be replaced. Try to look at these repairs as an opportunity to enhance the playhouse and protect it from further pest invasions. Choose a decorative door for the playhouse that adds a touch of whimsy to the building, and remember to make sure that all of the doors and windows are sealed to keep pests out.

Work Your Decorating Magic

With all of that necessary work out of the way, you can now begin to add decorative flourishes that make the playhouse feel more like a princess's home. Try starting with a theme in mind for how you want the playhouse to look such as a cottage in the forest or a castle in a magical kingdom. Then, add features to fit the theme along with a fresh coat of paint to the exterior of the building. If you have dealt with mice extermination in the past, then consider adding a few house rules to the play area such as keeping snacks and juice spills cleaned up. 

Children often dream of having a playhouse that is all their own where they can engage in imaginative play. While you can expect to put in a little hard work and maybe even some sweat, you can transform that ugly building into the playhouse of your child's dreams.