3 Less-Known Bed Bug Facts

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3 Less-Known Bed Bug Facts

4 November 2019
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You may have had the misfortune of landing in a hotel with them. You may have spotted some at a friend's apartment when you spent the night. You may even have some in the bed with you right now while you read this article on your phone. Bed bugs are household pests that directly create a plethora of problems. These critters can move into your home and make a nice place for themselves with all the food they could ever want—you!

Bed bugs can reproduce at a rate that seems unbelievable. 

Say you accidentally bring home a set of bed bugs in your luggage and they are a male and a female. Sounds like no big deal—it is just two tiny bugs. This kind of mentality is exactly why so many people in this country have bed bugs. Science has shown that the blood-sucking bugs can actually reproduce and build a population so quickly that it may seem fake. Two bugs can become 3,500 bugs in just a short 11 weeks. Now those two little harmless bed bugs you pack home in your luggage sound a lot more intimidating. 

Bed bugs suck more blood in warmer temperatures. 

If you have a bed bug infestation and you are trying to slow down some of the blood-sucking action that goes down after the lights go out, you may want to lower your thermostat. Bed bugs actually eat more when the temperatures are warmer. Otherwise, they will only come out to eat about once every eight days or so. Even though the bugs are less active in cooler temperatures, you probably won't be able to lower the temperature enough in your home to kill them, unless you want to live in a freezing cold environment for a long time. 

Bed bugs are resistant to most modern bed bug treatment products. 

You can have a bed bug problem in your home and buy almost every product on the store shelf and still never do much good. Modern bed bugs have developed a resistance to some of the more common chemicals used in store-bought pesticides, and they have even grown tolerant of some professional-grade pesticides. This is why it is critical to work with only a bed bug control company that knows what they are doing and uses the most up-to-date eradication techniques or products. 

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