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Some of the pests in and around your home may seem harmless. Have you overlooked a few ants here and there or signs that a mouse has visited your food pantry through the night? These pests may seem harmless enough, but in reality, they could lead to serious problems in your home. Our blog will show you some of the potential risks of ignoring pests in and around your home. You will learn what pests to eliminate immediately and tips for doing so without putting yourself or your family at risk of any harmful effects of poisons and the traps used to get rid of the pests.

Three Essential Oils That Keep Ants At Bay

7 September 2016
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If you don't like ants in your house, but you do love essential oils, then using the oils to keep these pests out of your home is a win-win! Because ant repellents contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to humans, many people choose to go the more natural route. Here are three essential oils that can help keep ants at bay. Eucalyptus Oil Eucalyptus is a type of evergreen tree that is native to Australia. Read More …

Signs You Have a Bee Problem Around Your Home

2 June 2016
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With the alarming decline of the bee population putting putting our planet and plant resources at risk, you likely don't panic when you see a fuzzy bee laden down with pollen buzzing by your house. It's when you see a lot of these creatures and hear their constant buzzing that you may begin to feel alarmed. A bee problem, even though these insects are highly important, is no laughing matter, and can make your home an unpleasant place to be. Read More …

Got Bed Bugs? What First-Timers Need To Know

27 May 2016
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The worst thing about bed bugs is that you don't even realize you have a problem with them until they've invaded your home and personal belongings. In fact, the only red flags are the tiny little red bites that you have on your body. These little bugs are nocturnal creatures and are very hard to see with the naked eye. As a general rule, the best strategy is prevention. However, if you have already been struck by bed bugs, and it's your first time dealing with them, here is what you need to do: Read More …

4 Tips To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs As A Frequent Traveler

23 May 2016
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Did you accept a job that requires frequent traveling and staying in hotel rooms? If you are now noticing that bed bugs are crawling around your house and seem to be accumulating, it is important to nip the problem in the bud before it turns into an infestation. Find out below about a few tips that you should consider to keep bed bugs out of your home as a frequent traveler. Read More …

There Are Creepy Crawlies In The Bed! 3 Steps To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs And Keep Them Away

14 April 2016
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If you've been attacked by bedbugs, you'll need to act fast to get rid of them. The first thing you should do is arrange for professional pest control treatment. This will get rid of the bugs that are hiding in your carpets and other areas in your home. In addition to the pesticide treatment, you'll also need to treat your beds to make sure they don't return to your sleeping quarters. Read More …